Like all good stories, ours started with two mates.
Guys that thought it was weird –and kind of unfair – that men’s underwear was so same-y. In 2016 they created Franklees here in Cape Town, and the rest is history.
With a little extra fabric on their hands they decided to design some underwear for women too. And what started as an little experiment has turned into a huge part of the Franklees story. The core of our mission at Franklees is fun. Life’s too short to wear boring underwear – seeing that would just be a bummer of a way to bookend your day, right?
Our community – the friends, flat mates, teammates and lovers out there – are what gets us out of bed each day.
With a wide range of iconic pattern designs and fashionable matching sets - and new print launches on the reg- you can colour your nights and days always, with Franklees!
Franklees is about comfort, connection, confidence and caring and we love, love, love to see you guys twinning and winning - and waving the flag of positivity and expression - which will forever have us going the extra mile! Thank you all for being a part of the Franklees family and coming along on this crazy adventure.