Doggo of the Month

Doggo of the Month
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Angelo: A Resilient Soul Ready for a New Chapter
Meet Angelo, a resilient and courageous soul who has triumphed over adversity, waiting patiently for over 900 days to embark on the next chapter of his life. Rescued in 2021 as an injured stray, Angelo's past was marked by a series of challenges.
Thanks to the compassionate care at TEARS, Angelo transformed from a cautious observer into the lovable pup he is today.🐶💜 His friendly nature and infectious happiness make him the perfect companion. Angelo adores human attention, cherishes cuddles, and thrives on adventures, particularly when it comes to hiking! While initially cautious around new dogs, he blossoms into a social butterfly with understanding canine friends.🥎
Angelo is a protective and loyal companion, forming deep bonds with his people. Embrace the opportunity to share your life with this remarkable little soul today!
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