Franklees Style Guide: How to Wear Your Franklees Underwear

Franklees Style Guide: How to Wear Your Franklees Underwear

You are what you wear. Your clothes are an extension of you and your personality. So, why should your underwear be any different? Spring summer 2021 fashion trends should be firmly on your radar, with temperatures slowly rising and the days becoming progressively longer.

Having the freshest wardrobe and the cutest undies is one thing, but how you pair them can take your look to the next level fam. So, we've put together a style guide packed with tips to help you get the most out of your Franklees.

  1. Laze Around in Your Franklees Print and Jersey 

 Franklees Cheese & Wine Underwear_Jersey

Perfect for those lazy days around the house 

It doesn't get much better than the weekend rolling in and getting to lounge around in your underwear like the queen you are. So, turn your phone off, put on your cosiest oversized jersey and your favourite pair of Franklees, and fire up a Netflix marathon while looking fly AF. You can still take selfies on aeroplane mode, just don’t forget to share them later and tag us. Sharing is caring, and we’re suckers for style.   

  1. Rock a Franklees Crop Top Bra with a Cardigan and a Pair of Jeans 

Franklees Women's Crop Top Blue Bra  

Perfect for that pizza and chill sesh with your ride or dies.  

Crop tops couldn't be more in right now if they tried, just sayin'. The thing we love the most about crop tops is that there are so many ways you can wear them, which gives you the freedom to put your own spin on the trend. However, we recommend a laid-back cardigan and your favourite pair of jeans to accompany a sporty Franklees crop top bra for that effortlessly fresh look. Keep it simple and let your Franklees do the work.  

  1. Mix and Match Your Favourite Colours & Prints

Franklees Mix & Match Underwear Men & Women's Twinning Partner Underwear 

Create your own signature Franklees look 

Duotone can be more than just a filter. Change things up and find your own ultimate Franklees combo. Mix colours and match prints, for you alone, are the master of your own underwear destiny. Fortune favours the brave, so be unique – it's a big energy move.    

  1. Pair A Slick Blazer with our Basic Franklees Bra Crop Top  

Girl boss look activated

Layer one of our not-so-basic crop tops under a blazer jacket for that next in-person meeting where you need a little confidence boost to make your presence felt. Know your power; own the room. A Franklees bralette looks right at home peeking through a blazer on any girl boss. It's the perfect understated business aesthetic, with a healthy flex thrown in for good measure. 

  1. Wear Your Franklees Discreetly While Keeping Your Underwear Fun and Groovy


Every layer counts every day 

The less you reveal, the more people can wonder, so keep it in your pants. We’re talking strictly underwear, of course, and having a Franklees layer underneath embodies underwear goals. In the 2015 movie “Sleeping with Other People,” Alison Brie’s single character says that she’ll spend “about a month’s rent” on underwear simply to channel her “inner Khaleesi.” Although an exaggeration, she was on to something.

Keeping things fun under your clothes does empower you, sometimes even enough to feel like the Queen of Dragons. The perfect underwear can hit you right in the feels and kick start your best day. So let your first layer be something that makes you feel more YOU.  

That’s it. I think you’re ready to navigate a wilderness of trends armed with our style guide secrets of the best ways to wear your Franklees. So, whether you’re feeling bold or discreet today, there’s a Franklees look for every mood.